Where we will arrive

La Casa Delle Luci wants to give particular attention to all those projects aimed at stimulating the consolidated individual skills and potentials and aimed at gaining awareness and preparation for personal autonomy in the management of daily life activities.

The path to autonomy is a walk that the young adult with disabilities crosses, in a very personal way, respecting moments of rest, research, balance, reverse and individual advancement.

The purpose is to give continuity to that path, consolidating the autonomy achieved and starting new processes to achieve the optimal level, both physical and intellectual, sensory and social, providing the tools to change their lives through a greater degree of independence.

Great importance is given to the group size: the boys living and working together can develop new and deep interpersonal relationships that oppose the risk of exclusion and individual isolation.

People will be at the center of any project that will mainly affect four areas:

  1. Raising awareness and developing individual attitudes and skills.
  2. Accrescimento and development of personal autonomy aimed at creating new autonomy than the family.
  3. Support for parafamiliar housing solutions.
  4. Involvement of children within the personal and group program. We want them to be protagonists of their own change and of the change of the other members of the group, contributing in an active and “on par” way in the life of their companions.